Is epoxy glue heat immune?

Glues that are very good can be made by epoxies, but the user must understand several things about epoxy glue.   5 Second Fix Glue       Why is a great paste? Generally a merchandise thick enough to hang on a surface that is vertical rather than to ‘run off’ amount surfaces. If it […]

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Je suis circonflexe

SOMETIMES it really is the little things that count. France faces high unemployment, a divided political establishment and surging xenophobia. But the issue that has the French particularly outraged is an argument about language. Two decades ago the French Academy, a group of 40 greybeards charged with keeping the language pure, decided to reform French […]

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Monitoring & support help patients and primary care physicians dealing with chronic pain

(Brigham and Women’s Hospital) New research from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) published in Pain Medicine (Vol.17 (1), February, 2016) found that through monthly monitoring and support from pain specialists, PCP confidence in prescribing opioids for pain was raised, the rate of identifying patients at risk for misuse of opioids was improved, and PCPs were […]

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