5 Second Fix – Real User Reviews

5 Second Fix - Real User Reviews

5 Second Fix Review


About 5 Second Fix


5 Second Fix states to be a liquid plastic welding tool that fixes, fills, seals and repairs almost anything under the sun. 5 Second Fix ensures to mend things permanently with no mess of adhesive in only 5 seconds. 5 Second Fix claims to use merely UV light to weld things so you can position or reposition the surface before repair it.


Bondic is precisely similar to 5 Second Fix


Mending and exact fixing – 5 Second Fix is a distinctive glue system and its curing by the built in UV LED lighting supplies powerful in the event the directions are followed as recommended fixing. It desires really thin layers separately and is a precise, spot repair system. The UV curing neglects in the event the layer is too thick. It efficiently joins an extensive selection of stuff, including dissimilar ones that quick adhesives and other conventional glues cannot.


Uses UV LED light to bond things – A battery powered UV LED light is supplied in the kit to harden the adhesive, which is meant to be used for mending and mending broken items. The UV light will function as a welder and fix the thing. The light begins to get more subdued too when it empties of its juice even in the event the battery in the bundle is practical. This in turn hampers the bonding. Due to this should you should mend a more substantial region, you may need to resort to a bigger UV light source so the repair will likely be quicker and longer lasting.


Does not make a long-lasting bond – 5 Second Fix cannot be used as a replacement for electrical tapes and doesn’t create a permanent bond. It is not U. L. listed. One customer Crystal says that it worked for just two weeks after which the vase fell on a glass antique vase. Another reviewer used it to mend a clip and when the temperature in the automobile shot up the solution and also the visor broke. This refutes the claim that 5 Second Fix can withstand temperature up to 150 degrees. Another user Yeager complains in their review that 5 Second Fix bonds regions that are only visible to the light, so anything that’s not clear WOn’t be repaired. It doesn’t work on fixing a hook on the wall, for example.


Lousy mechanism – 5 Second Fix appears to have flimsy parts. One user Jade says the unit has an extremely small amount of paste solution. Add to that the undeniable fact the UV LED is just a inexpensive and flimsy flashlight. The unit also comes damaged in the shipment with all of the glue leaked. That apart, the user adds that battery and LED are both affordable. The unit uses battery that can be changed out. And is the same as the keyless entry remotes for automobiles. You can easily locate the battery at any outlet of Walmart, Target, Kmart, and many stores that are such. Another customer Roland additionally whines the main problem with 5 Second Fix is the truth that its UV intensity from the LED is not quite sufficient. The selection of LED additionally doesn’t seem to be of good quality. As a result of UV intensity that is inadequate, the polymer does not cure. The reviewer adds that he used a layer of polymer that was treated it and 1 mm thick but the adhesiveness stayed soft and flimsy. He planned to return the unit, unsatisfied with its performance, although the reviewer meant attempting a UV source that was more powerful.


Fixes a lot of things – A customer who reviewed 5 Second Fix says that it works well at repairing many things. The glue system notably helps in mending sunglasses. Second Fix will probably be a good pick, should you are in possession of a broken arm of shades to mend subsequently. But even in this case the mechanism that produces the adhesive was fairly shoddy. The reviewer adds that several times the unit arrives leaks that are the adhesive itself along with broken from it all over. And even when the unit whole then it continues just for a number of uses and then breaks. Thus all the paste can also be wasted.


Does 5 Second Fix work on fixing sunglasses?


5 Second Fix does a pretty good job of mending broken arm of shades. The delivery mechanism of the 5 Second Fix is poorly made though the glue does the job very well and could break after a few uses, it could even arrive broken and the glue will leak all over.


What’s the LED light for?


You should apply the 5 Second Fix paste to then and where you would like it simply reflect the UV light on it for 15 -20 seconds and the resin hardens. The UV light does the occupation of “wielding”. When the battery gets feebler the light additionally dims out hampering the bonding. If you’ve got a bigger UV torch that covers a bigger area, it’s going to help repair items quicker.


How does 5 Second Fix promise to function?


5 Second Fix asserts that it is not plastic adhesive but a powerful liquid plastic welding compound. 5 Second Fix convinces to be very easy to make use of – all you really need to do is employ the solution on the surface and weld it with the UV light of these devices as well as in 5 seconds the thing will soon be fixed.


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