What are the Advantages of Organic Cleaning Tonics?

Most of the cleaning products we use daily in toilet and the kitchen are loaded with numerous compounds that this demand for the modern creation to keep everything extra clean and help clean better does not come without a cost. In the olden days when natural materials were used not out of choice but necessity had the burden of added processing time.




This has been achieved with the help of soap and adding substances to it to make cleaning easier, although innovations in science, has helped in reducing cleaning time. Sadly, these compounds in the long run proved to be toxic and the petroleum by-products that they can be derived are awful.


For instance, dangerous chloramine vapors which can cause you to get unconscious by breathing them can be produced by blending of bleach with ammonia.


As it’s toluene which is a proven carcinogenic the scent added to the cleaning agents is harmful too. Phosphoric acid found in detergents is harmful to the lungs. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, the chemical used as a lathering agent in shampoos and soaps, is a skin irritant.


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