Amish cleaning tonic by dutch glow reviews – Could it be legit or a scam?

Make Your Kitchen Glow!


Developed by a farmer to clean his tools, Dutch Glow Cleaning Tonic, As Seen on TV, is pure, simple and powerful. She began to use it in her kitchen when the farmer’s wife saw how well it cut through grease and was amazed by the results. It works miracles on practically every kitchen surface – cutting through grease and grime with ease. This all-natural cleaner harnesses the power of citrus rinds to leave your surfaces glowing. Comes with plastic spray bottle and stainless steel scrubber.


Only Combination with Water


This multi-purpose cleaning product is exceptionally concentrated. Add one ounce of concentrate to the included empty spray bottle; fill with water; and tremble somewhat to unite. The ratio of concentrate to water can be adjusted to satisfy your needs. For additional cleaning strength, you may select to use more concentrated. Tick marks on the spray bottle allow it to be simple to quantify.


Simply Spray and Wipe!


Simply spray the solution directly onto greasy pots, pans, cooktops, oven doors and more wipe clean. For your toughest wrecks, allow the solution sit for a few minutes to permit the cleaning agents to work and use the enclosed stainless steel scrubber to loosen remove deposit. 8 oz. concentrate; enough for up to eight spray bottles! USA.


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