Super Beta Prostate Review

It is formulated to improve prostate health with a guarantee to significantly reduce the urinary difficulties associated with prostate enlargement.


Although natural ingredients are contained by Super Beta Prostate, its formula is different from most of the natural prostate supplements accessible.


First, Super Beta Prostate includes a lot more minerals than most prostate supplements. The two most common minerals included in prostate supplements, selenium and zinc, are present in Super Beta Prostate. The other minerals contained in the supplement are boron, chromium, copper, germanium, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, silicon and vanadium.


The only vitamin contained in Super Beta Prostate is vitamin D.


Second, the supplement contains no herbs whatsoever. However, Super Beta Prostate still comprises plant-derived active ingredients in the sort of phytosterols notably beta sitosterol.


The recommended dosage of Super Beta Prostate is 1 capsule taken 2 times daily.


Phytosterols vs. Prostate Herbs


The pick of phytosterols in this product has its merits and demerits. Phytosterols are maybe the most common phytochemicals in plants. Most of the popular and proven herbs used for treating prostate disorders comprise this group of compounds.


Saw palmetto, pumpkin seed and pygeum contain phytosterols. Furthermore, beta sitosterol is the leading part of the phytosterols comprised in these herbs.


Furthermore, different studies have established that phytosterols contribute to the medicinal benefits of these herbs. Phytosterols are proven to improve prostate health and they act on the prostate.


By developing Super Beta Prostate with plant phytosterols that are amalgamated in the place of herbs including phytosterols, the producer of the supplement was able to raise the amount of these sterols.


Each capsule of Super Beta Prostate contains 600 mg of mixed plant phytosterols and beta sitosterol makes up 250 mg of the sterol content. That is a lot phytosterol than most prostate supplements pack.


Despite the fact that this nutritional supplement gets more phytosterols by only including those compounds in the place of herbs such pygeum and saw palmetto, it really is missing the other bioactive phytochemicals that can boost prostate health.


Phytosterols comprise not a lot more than saw palmetto, pygeum, and the other herbs generally used for treating prostate issues. They also contain fatty acids, lignans, tannins and esters of ferulic acid as well as natural antioxidants and anti inflammatory phytochemicals that have already been demonstrated to effective in the treatment of prostate problems.


Phytosterols are sterols and stanols (saturated sterols) found in the plants especially vegetables and nuts.


They’ve been structurally much like their most popular health benefit is their ability to lower cholesterol levels and cholesterol.


Nonetheless, phytosterols may also be known because of their anticancer properties. Distinct studies have verified that plant sterols reduce the risks of prostate, stomach, breast, ovarian and lung cancers.


Like most phytosterols, beta sitosterol reduces blood levels of cholesterol. It lowers total cholesterol levels along with LDL (low density lipoproteins) cholesterol.


The main advantage of this cholesterol-lowering skill is the improvement of cardiovascular health. Nevertheless, there is another equally important advantage of lowering cholesterol degree: reducing the levels of androgen hormones.


Phytosterols and Prostate Enlargement


Among the uses of cholesterol in the body is the syntheses of androgen hormones. Consequently, when the quantity of cholesterol absorbed into the body reduces, the creation of androgen hormones drops.


What this means is that any disorder caused by high levels of androgen hormones can be treated with phytosterols. Prostate enlargement is among such disorders.


Beta sitosterol and other phytosterols included in Super Beta Prostate can reduce the number of androgens in the prostate, and by expansion, prevent the overstimulation of the prostate by these hormones.


By reducing prostate enlargement, phytosterols can alleviate the symptoms of BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) such as urinary problems.


In one study, 60 mg/day of a phytosterol preparation was found to be effective for reducing frequency of urination in 200 men with BPH and raising urinary flow.


Caution should be taken when using dietary supplements with high concentrations of phytosterols because the risks of heart ailments may also increase especially in men who have suffered previous heart attacks.


Because phytosterols are structurally similar to cholesterol, high blood phytosterol amounts (which can be easily attained with a nutritional supplement like Super Beta Prostate) can clog blood vessels and impede blood flow in the heart.


Thus, Super Beta Prostate should be prevented by men with histories of heart disorders.


Is Super Beta Prostate Powerful?


Super Beta Prostate is -reviewed by users that are previous. Actually, Joe Theismann, a former football player, who recounts his narrative about relieving urinary difficulties with the supplement endorses it.


Its merchandise page is a little lacking in essential information, although Super Beta Prostate comes highly recommended. First, the makers didn’t mention the side effects to expect from this nutritional supplement. Nevertheless, in the testimonies of users that are past, these side effects are mainly gastrointestinal complaints and are light.


Second, the product’s web site doesn’t provide any indication of when to anticipate alleviation while taking Super Beta Prostate.


Super Beta Prostate does contain one of the best plant-derived remedies for prostate problems. Its high concentration of beta sitosterol is the major reason many find it effective. In addition, in addition, it includes selenium, zinc and vitamin D, all of which have been independently proven to help improve prostate health.


On the other hand, the inclusion of some of another active ingredients in Super Beta Prostate is interesting.


Ingredients including vanadium, molybdenum, germanium and silicon may seem exotic but there are no convincing evidences attesting that they are particularly successful in the treatment of prostate problems.


There are indeed other natural plant-derived herbs and phytochemicals that can help. They do comprise other ingredients which might be proven to improve prostate issues, while some of these herbs include smaller quantities of beta sitosterol.


Overall, Super Beta Prostate is effective for relieving the urinary issues associated with prostate problems. It’s been in the marketplace for over 10 years and shipping more than 5 million units. It is well tolerated by its users that are previous and safe.


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